As a dedicated place for their young guests and to expand the offer for families, the KidsClub of the Brenners Park Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden has been redesigned. The new space of the KidsClub “Alois’ Nest” is located on the premises of the Brenners Park Hotel on the ground floor of the Villa Viardot and, in addition to the play areas for the kids, also offers a kitchen, a common dining area and a breastfeeding and relaxation room for the whole family.

Client — Brenners Park Hotel & Spa
Size — 65 qm
Services — Interior Design
Completion — 05/2023
Location — Baden-Baden

The Black Forest, its traditions and being in harmony with nature are the overarching themes in the design of the KidsClub. The colour palette takes the green tones of the forest and combines them with neutral earth shades and the berry red of the traditional folk clothing of the region.
The Black Forest motif is also reflected in the materials, surfaces, lighting design and accessories: elements such as the shingles of wooden huts, cuckoo clocks and wall panelling pop up throughout the space.

As the centrepiece of the play area, the wooden shingle-clad hut provides a retreat for the children. In addition to books, audiobooks and plush toys, traditional folk clothing for role-playing games can be found here as well. The change in flooring around the wooden hut defines the different play areas.
While the hut encourages relaxation, the main room offers plenty of space to play together. In the large mirror wall, the room is visually enlarged and the effect of the forest wallpaper is intensified.

The children can balance over the padded palisades in the main room as if they are walking over an overgrown forest floor. The colourful mounds invite the kids to climb, romp, hide and build, since some of the upholstered palisades are movable or hollow. The green opening in the mirrored wall is the entrance to the “climbing forest”, which is painted monochrome in green and provides another place to retreat and play. Here, a second floor made out of net and the ball pool can be explored.

The large table and the kitchen are the arrival point and gathering spot in the KidsClub. A variety of chairs invite you to craft, play or eat together while the wall panelling provides storage space for jackets and bags and gives the room a cosy ambience. At two heights, the children can cook together with their parents or educators.

The kitchen and wardrobe form a monochrome green block which looks as if it has been placed inside the space as a whole. Through the hallway and the wallpaper door in the kitchen, one enters the relaxation and breastfeeding room and the restroom, which are designed in monochrome red. Here, too, the colour and wall panelling create a feeling of intimacy and comfort. The armchair, same as the chairs in the kitchen, were selected from the hotel’s inventory and refurbished for the KidsClub.

To tie in with the Black Forest setting and the hotel’s identity, the forest spirit Alois was created, who is both the namesake and mascot for the KidsClub. Alois is a forest spirit and woodsman who loves both music and nature and lives in the hotel’s park. His tale is told in the KidsClub, you can find him all around, in the interior as well as the educational programme.