baukind Book Designing Spaces for Chldren

Designing Spaces for Children

A Child’s Eye View

Strong children
— for a vital society

Design at a child’s eye view
promotes the development of children

Architecture that meets the needs of children can
be achieved when adults are willing to see from a child’s perspective. By approaching children as equals, viewing the world as they do and understanding their needs, we can create environments for children that are at once flexible, stimulating, and protective. This is the unique challenge of designing any space for children, whether it be a preschool, a playground or a pediatric practice.

How can rooms be designed to promote children’s development? How can architecture support the educational concept of the provider? What kind of environment does a child need outside its own family to feel safe, secure and comfortable?

We explore these questions in our book and present concrete applications as well as 5 realized projects. We have summarized almost 10 years of experience in the field of building for children.


baukind Betriebskita Flur Berlin
baukind Kita KiKu Kinderland in Berlin Mahlsdorf Innenfenster
baukind Betriebskita Badezimmer Berlin
baukind Betriebskita Aussenbereich Berlin
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