The single-story new construction of the Oberlin Kita in Bad Belzig cleverly integrates into the extremely narrow plot. The extended building form is interrupted by a rhythmic interplay of recesses and the sloping roof landscape. Intentionally open in design, the front plaza is transforming into a gathering spot for the community. The Daycare Oberlin in Bad Belzig was implemented as a modular construction. Thanks to the remarkably brief construction period of just 9 months, we were able to swiftly provide the much-needed kindergarten spaces.

client — Oberlin Kindertagesstätten
interior — 850 sqm
exterior — 2325 sqm
services — phases 1-8, funding application
completion — 10 / 2023
city — Bad Belzig

Incorporating monochromatic shades of green, the facade establishes a harmonious relationship with nature, aiming to blend into its surroundings. Behind the building, the property unfolds into a spacious play garden, which was also designed by baukind. The vegetation and play spaces, showcasing a diverse range of play options, are arranged in large, intersecting circles.

An special feature enhancing sensory experiences is the water landscape in the children’s bathroom. The children spend a significant amount of time here exploring, playing, and creatively experimenting with the element of water.