The color concept of the Kita Allegra by pop e poppa in Zurich takes inspiration from Le Corbusier, an influential architect, painter, and designer who, in 1934, was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Zurich. Le Corbusier’s enduring architectural presence in the region, with the ‘Pavillon Le Corbusier’ on Lake Zurich, influenced the vibrant color scheme known as ‘Polychromie. The color design played a crucial role, considering that Kita Allegra provides care for children as young as 3 months. In children under the age of one, color perception is not fully matured, underscoring the importance of high contrasts and a design that minimizes stimuli.

client — pop e poppa
interior — 400 sqm for 40 children
exterior — 2325 sqm
services — Interior design
completion — 08 / 2023
city — Zürich / CH

The color palette ‘Polychromie’ serves as both a homage to one of the most significant architects of the 20th century and a guide for achieving a harmonious yet contrast-rich color design. The design language complements the color scheme with a deliberate and restrained approach. Basic forms are clearly recognizable in both the wall and floor design, as well as in the built-in elements and loose furniture. Matching the color scheme of the spaces, cushions enhance the clear spatial structure and act as versatile components for creative play.

Each activity area is clearly delineated by color, allowing even the youngest ones to navigate easily. The graphic elements, developed by the office macmac from Zurich, incorporate basic shapes and transform them into animal symbols, providing additional orientation for children and accompanying them throughout their daycare routine.

Whether it’s the studio, movement area, baby room, library, restaurant, or snoozle corner, the spaces serve as the stage for children’s activities, adopting a calm and clear design that takes a backseat. Design considerations have addressed nearly every need of the children, who are under care here with a considerable age difference. The children are the protagonists of their daily lives at Kita Allegra – autonomous, free, and simultaneously protected.

With eight diverse learning and play areas – including a music and movement room, role-playing space, creative studio, construction room, and children’s restaurant – the older children have the freedom to use and explore them according to their preferences, adhering to the fundamentals of Montessori pedagogy. The journey towards independence for the children is optimally supported by the thoughtful spatial concept and installations tailored to the child’s scale.

Incorporating playful features like a vertically arranged wall of Lego plates, continuous paper in the studio, and oversized cushions, we inspire children to initiate play, experimentation, and creative work independently and spontaneously.