Nestled in the picturesque Swiss mountain landscape, in the canton of Schwyz, right next to the mountain station, is the Stoos Lodge. Offering a blend of family-friendly amenities and modern comforts, this 4-star hotel integrates childcare services for its youngest guests alongside a daycare center designed for the children of staff members and local residents. An innovative concept at an altitude of 1300 meters, surrounded by nature and mountains. In the Stoos Lodge, designed by G&A Architects, a daycare center has been created for the village’s children, where they come together with guests from around the world. The interior reflects the mountains and the vibrant colors of the alpine scenery, turning the children into aspiring mountain climbers and summit adventurers.

client — Stoos Lodge / AG Sporthotel Stoos
size — 190 sqm
services — Interior design
completion — 03 / 2023
city — Stoos / CH

Designed to accomodate 20 children within 190 m², the Mountain Daycare also offers space for the youngest hotel guests ranging from 2 to 12 years old. In addition to the daycare facilities, an indoor play hall was designed in the basement, accessible directly from the hotel’s restaurant area through a slide, allowing for lively and playful activities. This space also presents physical challenges for the older children, allowing them to play with enthusiasm.

The surrounding mountain scenery and alpine light serve as the starting point for the design concept. Inclined surfaces and the interplay of triangles bring to mind the slopes of mountains and rocky formations. Bright tones paired with bold accent colors and natural wood finishes encapsulate the luminous atmosphere, crafting a nature-infused ambiance mirroring the mountain panorama and the distinct light found at these altitudes.

Wooden built-ins in polygonal shapes bring the mountain landscape into the interior, serving as both climbing caves and peaks. These structures offer space for active play and concealment while also providing numerous niches for retreat and relaxation. The central climbing mountain can not only be ascended and circled but also explored from the inside as a cave landscape. Hidden within the mountain are layers, openings, and climbing nets waiting to be explored—a secret world within the terrain.

The children’s restaurant maintains an open layout, seamlessly connecting to the forum—the expansive, central play area. The kid’s buffet harmoniously blends into the overall aesthetic with its use of natural materials and muted colors. In contrast, the children’s bath features vibrant accent colors, creating a colorful counterpoint to the soft tones of the group and theme rooms. Bold shades of blue transport the children into an underwater world.

In the group and theme rooms featuring various levels made out of light, untreated wood, the clarity and calm design are complemented by loose furniture and cushioned elements in vibrant accent colors. The space is created for creative play, group activities, as well as focused work and calm forms of play. A variety of spatial options are provided for the children, catering to different needs.

The mountain village of Stoos, with its 150 residents, is a small car-free community with an adjacent ski resort. Accessible only through the steepest funicular in the world, Stoos, despite having 2,200 guest beds, offers a tranquil nature experience. The concept of combining a daycare center for village children with the care of young hotel guests makes it possible to extend the natural paradise of the Schwyz mountain landscape with an indoor play-paradise.

In the basement, the 200 m² indoor play hall, featuring a large climbing structure from ELI PLAY, expands the range of play activities. The play and climbing hall is accessible directly from the hotel’s restaurant area via a large slide, embodying the family-friendly orientation of the hotel. The color palette is aligned with the design concept of the daycare rooms, seamlessly linking the play hall with the interiors of the Mountain Daycare.