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The daycare center “Company Kids Hafencity” opened in December 2015 among one of the most exciting construction projects in Europe – the Harbor City of Hamburg. The rivers and canals that pass through the district, as well as the port’s historical and cultural influences, inspired the nautical elements of the interior spaces. The design of the 750 m² day care center revolves around the themes of water, harbor, and marine life. Up to 70 children have plenty of room to run around, feel happy and discover the space.

Client: PME Familienservice GmbH
Size: 750 m² for 65 children
Services: LPH 1-8, Interior design
Completed: 12/2015
Location: Hamburg
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The pme family service attaches great importance to the movement concepts of Pikler and Hengstenberg. For the design implementation of the center, this meant integrating a variety of elements from their concept.

The children should be able to explore their surroundings in peace, joy and independence. Where there is plenty of room for play and exercise, the abilities of children are naturally encouraged.

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The bathroom emphasizes a special sensory experience in Hafencity daycare.  The little ones spend hours playing imaginatively in the water basins.

A one-of-a-kind wall mosaic was exclusively created in collaboration with the mosaic artist and educators. A bath can be used for so much more than just cleaning up!

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Company Kids believes that the role of children as researchers and explorers should be encouraged. Through experimentation and exploration the children become familiar with science and technology.

This day center has spaces that are specifically designed for research and building. An activity room with a pool of balls and library complete the offer.

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In order to easily navigate through the rooms of the day nursery, baukind, together with the design agency urbn pockets, have developed a colorful guiding system. Here, the kids can put a magnet on the particular area where they’d like to spend their day. The offer of this self-determining choice of area for the childs daily programme supports the situational approach of the kindergarten.