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The daycare centre Spreesprotten has been newly expanded to eight 44 sqm daycare centers. These rooms are designed for discovering , playing and communicating.  In the group room there is a mattress and platform not only for sleeping but also used for playing and romping around.

Client: Spreesprotten e.V.
Size: 44 qm for 8 children
Services: LPH 1-8, fire protection planning, funding
Completed: 08/2018
Location: Berlin
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Kita Spreesprotten Werkstatt Gruppenraum

Baukind was commissioned with all the planning services, from the initial design to the construction.   In addition, baukind was once again provided a sponsor with the application for funding and took over the coordinating with the departments involved.

In the children´s bathroom much more is done than just washing themselves. The children can spend a lot of time exploring the element water and of course an extensive amount of splashing around. The handle helps especially the very little ones to sit up and stand securely. The mirror gives the nursery children the opportunity to get to know each other.

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