In the pediatric practice, the little patients, the parents and the practice team are welcomed in lovingly designed rooms. The doors of the practice are open from the newborn’s U-examination to the 18-year-old’s doctor’s appointment.

The practice was designed in close consultation with the pediatrician. In addition to designing the rooms and the carpentry components, baukind also designed the corporate identity.

Client: Private
Size: 165 sqm
Services: Interior design
Completion: 04/2020
Location: South Germany

The entrance area already shows who the main people are here. Because the reception counter is lowered on one side, the children meet the receptionist at eye level.

By removing such visual barriers, to which children are repeatedly exposed in everyday life, an initial signal of welcome is created.

Oversized building blocks become play platforms in the waiting area and in the hallway. Here you can romp and hide!

The pediatrician attaches great importance to the child-friendly design of her premises, as this helps to absorb fears and alleviate tension.

Each of the three treatment rooms has its own accent color. In this way, the little patients, who are not yet able to orient themselves by means of numbers or letters, can find their way to the treatment room.

baukind also designed the practice’s corporate identity along with the color concept. The building blocks of the logo are used, for example, on the business cards, on letterheads or as a guidance system.