Kita Grashüpfer Eingangssituation

The Kita Grashüpfer was completed in July 2018. Under the slogan “Nature as a place of learning”, around 80 children can make sensual and exciting experiences here. baukind was responsible for the architectural work in the LPH 1-8 as well as for applying for funding for this project.

Client: Pad gGmbH
Size: 550 qm for 80 children
Services: LPH 1-8, funding
Completed: 07/2018
Location: Berlin
Kita Grashüpfer Innenraum Flur
Kita Grashüpfer Innenraum Spiel und Spaß

At the centre of the interior is the piazza. It is the place of arrival, it widens into a cloakroom and connects the children’s rooms. Here children, parents and educational professionals can meet, exchange ideas and let off steam. The climbing trees invite you to move and play.

The low window parapets allow a smooth transition between the interior and exterior space. The green linoleum floor looks like a lawn and thus confirms the concept of “nature as a place of learning”.

Kita Grashüpfer Innenraum schau mal wer da draußen ist
Kita Grashüpfer Innenraum Kinder-Bad Waschbecken

In the paddling pool in the children’s bath, first experiences with the sensory element water can be made. The clear graphic elements form a stimulating colour spectrum in the background. What is happening in the group room right now? Through the peepholes the children can observe the events in the neighbouring rooms and communication is encouraged.

The concept of “nature as a place of learning” is of course also reflected in the facade designed by baukind and the open space. A natural wood cladding on the facade sometimes becomes a panel wall and a seat.

Kita Grashüpfer Innenraum Kinder-Bad


Kita Grashüpfer Grundriss


Kita Grashüpfer Umgebung2
Kita Grashüpfer Neubau
Kita Grashüpfer Rohbau Holzbalken
Kita Grashüpfer Rohbau Eingang
Kita Grashüpfer Innenraum Kinder-Bad Rohbau
Kita Grashüpfer Holz-Fassade