The Phorms Elementary School is a bilingual school where classes are held in both German and English. In addition to bilingual education, differentiated learning and lived diversity are important components of the Phorms pedagogy. The private elementary school is part of the Phorms Campus in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, which also includes the Phorms kindergarten designed by us.

Client — Phorms Berlin gGmbH
size — 5000 sqm
services — Interior design
completion — 10/2023
Location — Berlin
photographer — HEJM

Im Erdgeschoss der Schule befindet sich das freundliche und weitläufige Foyer mit Aufenthaltsbereich für Kinder, Eltern und Besucher*innen. Sitzgelegenheiten in Form von Podesten und Sitzecken mit integrierten Pflanzkübeln lockern den Raum auf und bieten Abwechslung und Ruheinseln. Die Akzentfarbe Rot in Kombination mit Bordeauxrot und übergroßen Tangrams, empfangen die Kinder schon hier und begleiten sie durch den Schulalltag.

The elementary school premises are spread over five floors. Each floor has been assigned an accent color that is reflected in the flooring, signage system, and furniture, serving as a visual orientation. The bold colors provide a pleasant contrast to the otherwise subdued design of the school rooms, creating a harmonious color scheme.

The school corridors are designed as active corridors, providing not only retreat areas but also spaces for individual and group work. They can be used in various ways, thus expanding the pedagogical space. Free learning requires flexible spatial concepts. In addition to traditional classrooms and workspaces, the corridors offer an additional opportunity for individual learning.

The classrooms and workspaces have a subdued design, providing a calm learning atmosphere. The cafeteria serves as a dining hall but also as a venue for lectures, events, and performances. The interior design of the elementary school is characterized by a clear and calm design language, complemented by bold color accents that provide children with easily understandable orientation.